The Lego Ducks

Why the Legos?

If we had sent you 6 Legos and directions to build a duck, there would be nothing intriguing. It’s the same when your team is given a report or dashboard. They weren’t involved, and it often doesn’t fit their thought process nor their business process.

However, when asked to solve a challenge, few people can refuse and they “own” the solution. When your team is involved in designing their dashboards and reports, they’ll own and use them. We leverage that dynamic with a user-centered approach to putting your data to use.

Here's a quick read about avoiding "dash-boredom", the condition where a company has lots of dashboards and few of them are used for decision making.

Also - Pivot Point Analytics is a major sponsor of, a 501(c3) non-profit which engages kids who have limited contact with technology using adventures with Lego robotics.