Accelerate Sales Output

If your current team isn't producing, how can you shake things up?

Firing and hiring is costly in lost time and customer transition, and there's no certainty new people will be better.

Some sales managers are great coaches, but for others, advice to new or struggling representatives is a version of “try harder / more hustle” or “do it like _____. He / she’s the best.”

Facts are hard to come by. Data in your CRM might not accurately tell the status deals and customers. Reports you get are “trailing” indicators of productivity, that is, you can't see weak output until after a few sales cycles. Lost time and lost opportunity.

Do you wish you could just clone your best sales people?

That’s almost what we do to reduce turnover and increase performance. We just use data science, not genetic science.

  • We find data sources aside from spotty CRM data, such as email communications

  • With AI, we find specific, daily sales behaviors that spell success, modeled on your top performers: from communication frequency, titles of customer contacts, customer response %, language style, followup, etc., etc.

  • That feeds a “Performance Mirror,” an individual coaching tool which frequently compares their habits to the top performers.

Your daily contacts are 8% above best practice - good job.

Your follow-up time is 1 day longer than it should be.

Use shorter emails with less jargon. -- etc.

  • Sales leadership gets reports of actual activity on deals and customers, not just self-reported by reps.

In less than 16 weeks

  • Your team’s effectiveness can surge ahead.

  • New reps will come up to speed faster.

  • You’ll have leading indicators of sales output, to know who’s performing and how well deals are moving well before they close.

  • And none of that depends on spotty CRM data, nor does it require any extra effort from your team to enter data.