Avoiding Dash-Boredom 1: 

Starting Point

When you hear “Monthly business review” do you think

Many businesses find that people don’t rely on the dashboards and reports which ARE available. They’re laborious. They “just report yesterday’s news.” They flag problems but don’t help diagnose and solve problems.

That is dash-boredom. 

“We lack a data-driven culture!” is a common explanation. That’s a bogey. In our experience, people WANT to deliver better results and they’d LOVE to have data to help them. Culture quickly follows the capability to use data.

The recipe to get your team using data for daily decisions within a few months has 4 ingredients. Read on for a taste test, with examples drawn from a telecomm, e-comm, and B2C manufacturer we’ve worked with.


A bunch of systems and applications make a business run. Each has its own reports, dashboards, and exports. That means 

You need a single version of truth.

Data initiatives succeed (or fail) by getting decision makers to agree upon and use a new source of numbers that are the single version of truth. When they don’t, “lack of a data culture” is a bogey often blamed when people don’t use new dashboards and reports. We don’t believe in that bogey.

Rather, to get your team to agree upon and use a new version of truth, these 4 elements must be in the project.

Putting these elements in your data initiative will get you to a single version of truth that your team accepts. Time lost in debating differences turns into time for discussing action plans.