Have more data than ever? Is it creating more profit than ever?

Your company has more data than ever. Your team wants to leverage it daily for faster, smarter decisions.

However ... different systems give different answers. Too much time is spent extracting data. A flock of spreadsheets flies around through email. You can't get answers through the "snowstorm" of data.

Pivot Point Analytics will change that with you.


Single version of truth in one, documented data store.

Data engineering. ELT pipelines. Data warehousing. Meticulous planning and documentation.


Clear view of what's going on in your company

Business intelligence. User-centered design of dashboards and decision tools.


Decisive answers to business problems and foundation for strategy

Analytics. Machine Learning. Skill to explain results clearly.


Quick, certain path to users really using new data tools.

User-centered project method. Frequent touchpoints with end users. Ensures adoption.

Pivot Point Analytics.io has been getting value from data for medium and small sized businesses in the Carolinas for four years. 

You can start to pivot as we begin delivering data products within 8 weeks. 

A 30-minute conversation to assess your situation is your starting point. 

Thad Wengert, Principal

You already have what it takes: data and your team’s determination. 

In less than 8 weeks, our agile, user-centered approach will get tools in your team's hands 

and accelerate your business.

Case studies:


Monthly Business Reviews can be exciting.

Produce dashboards and reports people really rely on.

See how 4 simple ingredients made the difference. 

Find what distinguishes your best customers from the rest. Implement a clear playbook to focus marketing expense.

See how we’ve powered turnarounds in profitable acquisition.

AI enables usable tools for store managers to schedule labor and buyers to control inventory.

See how we apply AI to predict demand, and then give front-line managers decision tools they need.

A management team focused on a few decisive metrics. 

People energized with a clear strategy on a single page. 

See how we’ve focused companies on their key challenges and given them the tools to overcome them.