Find and Keep Better Customers

When growth slows, it can feel like you work harder just to stay in the same place.

Sales and marketing teams always seem to be running hard, but growth doesn’t measure up

Your team promises solutions, but they boil down to spending more on the same activities

You have some great customers, but no clear idea WHY they're great or how to find more.

We’ve found that the answer is within easy reach:

  • Find the factors that make for good customers.

      • Organize and analyze your customer data

      • Apply machine learning to tell what decisively distinguishes the best customers from the rest

  • Set your team's sights on 3 or 4 changes in how they go to market

      • One clear playbook of tactics for finding the right customers: "Do more of this. Stop doing that."

      • Another playbook for growing customers

  • Hold your team accountable with metrics that reflect true growth

      • Carefully crafted metrics highlight growth vs churn

      • Simple graphs on a one-page dashboard

In about 8 weeks, your sales and marketing teams can head to market with new vigor

  • A clear idea whom they’re looking for

  • Direction for which tactics to spend on and which ones to cut

  • Focused lists of customers and behaviors to spend time and effort on (and whom not to)

  • Confidence that they know how to change their trajectory, working smarter not just harder

Playbook: E-commerce Pure Play Retailer

This young e-commerce retailer was growing fast but knew that their marketing had to be more efficient or growth would slow beyond their early adopter base.

Data: As a pure play, their e-comm platform identified customers perfectly. But to get a full picture, we joined up other data like email and contact with their famous customer service center.

Pivot Point analyzed best customers vs the rest, and put together a tactical playbook for them to follow. We didn't just analyze data - we got it into action in their team's hands.

Insights to Customer Longevity

We immediately saw that our e-comm heroes were in a tough spot: they were losing 2/3 of new customers after one order. In order to scale, their acquisition budget would have to be enormous.

But we found they had some tools in their gadget belt:

  • Customers who stayed were then very loyal

  • Those customers also had certain distinct features we could see before or at their first order

    • Certain categories and pack sizes

    • They more often had contact with customer service, making that a good thing, not an indicator of problems

    • They consumed more how-to content

    • They re-ordered in X days, half as long as the average interval their agency was using


After a brainstorming session, we and their team developed a playbook of tactics they could immediately implement.

  • Change Google adwords (a major acquisition source) to focus on the categories and pack sizes that attracted loyal customers

  • Make proactive service calls to customers who, after their first order, showed some, but not all characteristics of a loyal customer, in order to push them to loyalty

  • Expand video content (a hunch they already had begun acting on)

  • Shorten the window for re-order tactics