Pivot Toward

the Future You Envision

Retain customers. Improve sales productivity.

Operate more efficiently. Manage performance with decisive focus.

Decisively pull ahead of competitors

Your data is the under-used asset that can make it happen. Putting usable decision tools in the hands of your team is the key.

It doesn’t take a long and costly IT project. You already have what it takes: data and your team’s determination.

We’ll bring a few tools and help you pull it together. Let's accelerate your business in just a few months.

The factors that distinguish your best customers from the rest.

A clear tactical playbook to immediately focus marketing on the best customers.

See how we’ve powered turnarounds in customer-driven profitability.

New reps get up to speed faster.

Higher productivity sales & account management teams.

Clarity about which deals are really being worked and which are stalled.

See how we find the recipe for sales success – without depending on spotty CRM data.

No more tug-of-war between cost and higher service levels.

Usable tools for store managers to schedule labor and buyers to control inventory.

See how we apply AI to predict demand, and then give front-line managers decision tools they need.

A management team focused on a few decisive metrics.

People energized with a clear strategy on a single page.

See how we’ve focused companies on their key challenges and given them the tools to overcome them.

What's Different


Pivot Point Analytics

Years of analyzing customer and operational data

Skill in explaining results clearly

Deep experience in AI and machine learning

See the software and platforms we rely on most often.

Proven method to define the scope of work and ensure results meet your need

Full path from organizing data to making it usable in desktop or mobile tools

See real examples of our outputs.

Interviews to know the end users of data and their processes

Mock-ups of outputs, approved before work even begins

Assurance of end user adoption and change with a focus on easy access to data and decision tools

See who we are and what makes us tick.

Start your turnaround today.